@Anonymous "me & my boyfriend have a long distance relationship and lately he has been asking me to instruct him on how to masturbate via texts and honestly i have no idea what to tell him. when he asks, i say "stroke your cock roughly' or "be gentle tonight. grip yourself as tight as my pussy feels and go slow." "grip your balls with of your hands while stroking yourself with the other.." now im completely out of ideas. i ignored him last time he asked. he was not happy.. please help. -C"

If I were you I’d switch up from sexting him about how to masturbate and instead text him about things you plan on doing to him when you’re together.

i.e. “If I were there with you tonight I’d start by riding you slow until I got so wet I had to go faster.”

For some tips/ideas on what to text him read this post:


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@Anonymous "my boyfriend complains that i dont ride him good. I try to do and i even enjoy doing it but its uncomfortable with him. I have never this be an issue in past relationships. i think the issue is his waist is extremely narrow(he is very thin) and im a curvy girl(wider hips not fat) so its hard for me to find a comfortable position on top of him. Then once i get up there i don't know what to do because every move i try his dick doesnt stay hard. Any tips on how or what to try???"

There are tons of ways to ride a guy, to learn new techniques you could always watch some riding porn videos, but I’ll give you four things that work for me.

The first is booty popping fast…

…to keep the same speed that most guys do when they’re in control.

The next is alternating swirling his dick in and out of you with basic up and down motions, which benefits the both of you.

The third is switching his position to viewing you ass, which might make it a little easier for him to embrace your curvy girl weight.

The last is using Kegel exercises with basic movements, so that it feels tight while he’s going in and out of you.

Your problem might be that his smaller frame can’t handle your curvy weight, so lifting your butt up and not pounding down on him too hard will help him enjoy your moves more.

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@Anonymous "where is a good place to have public sex"

The best public space to have sex is any place where the thrill of getting caught is there the entire time.

If you’re a quiet fucker, my friend said a movie theater is a good place. I’d try the back of a pretty empty theatre though, and a possibly loud action packed film for beginners in the public sex arena.

Public bathrooms are good too, but they don’t really feel that public. The only thrill besides the sex of course is getting in and out of the bathroom without getting caught. Start with the less occupied ones like a mall/department store restroom and move up to the busy stops like a restaurant bathroom.

If you can be discreet about things the beach is also a decent place. Bring a blanket for the ground of course and an umbrella to block some people’s view or a throw or beach towel to go over you. The only downside would be sand; one grain could ruin everything. If your beach has grassy areas to sit try those first.

A house party in a not so secluded room (laundry room) isn’t too bad if you don’t get caught by people taking pictures.

I can’t really think of any other places right now…but if more come to me I’ll post them later.

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